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Insane Urban DH Mountain Bike POV – Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2015

Check out the new GoPro channel on Red Bull TV: [removed] Once again, the hills of Valparaiso tested the gnarliest urban DH mountain bikers …201


Introducing the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands

This spring, Google is introducing the self-driving bicycle in Amsterdam, the world’s premier cycling city. The Dutch cycle more than any other nation in the world, …115


URBAN BIKING: The Art Of Carrying Things By Bike

In the United States most kids ride a bike until high school, when they trade in two wheels for four. The most they have carried is a house key. As more adults …283


How the Dutch got their cycle paths

The Netherlands is well known for its excellent cycling infrastructure. How did the Dutch get this network of bicycle paths? Read more: …390


Amazing Bike Riding Robot! Can Cycle, Balance, Steer, and Correct Itself. #DigInfo

DigInfo TV – [removed] 10/11/2011 Masahiko Yamaguchi, Tamagawa seiki Bipedal Bike Riding Robot.181


Cycling for Freezing Gait in Parkinson's Disease

A 58-year-old man with a 10-year history of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease presented with an incapacitating freezing of gait. However, the patient’s ability to ride …110


Downhill Mountain Biking in the Wilds of Africa

Pedal over to Red Bull TV for more biking: [removed] Namibia, Africa. Not your typical riding destination in the world. In an ongoing quest to …402


The Rights and Duties of Cyclists – Bicycle Safety

League of American Bicyclists certified traffic cycling instructors demonstrate the rights and duties of cyclists in the United States. The video shows cyclists acting …261


I travel by bike (cycling documentary)

A amazing story about Cat, a strong women, who loves bicycle touring. A cycling film/ documentary about long distance bicycle touring lovely made by …673


Downhill MTB GoPro footage through Scottish Highlands

Grab your bike and hit the trails here! [removed] Claudio Caluori is back for another POV track ride-through down the UCI Mountain Bike World …499

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