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Mountain biking with the Cal Cycling Club in Oakland

I met Jessica at the Sea Otter Festival and she invited me to come ride with the Cal Cycling Club in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, California. It was a dang …885


Why We Ride – A Mountain Biking Documentary

Why We Ride A Mountain-biking documentary Produced by Chris Brehmer Copyright © 2012 The University of Texas at Tyler.279


Raleigh | Pedalling Dreams the Raleigh Story | BBC documentary |

For the last 150 years, Britain has been a nation of bike lovers. And for much of that time, one make has been associated with quality, innovation and Britishness …3541


Kids Jam FreeStyle BMX Bikes !!!!

Kids Jam FreeStyle BMX Bikes !!!!1970


BMX Meets Parkour | Unthinkable Bike Tricks with Tim Knoll

Meet the man behind the madness: [removed] Tim Knoll, one of the most creative BMX riders in the world, takes his incredible style of street riding to …217


San Antonio Mission Trail Bicycle Ride

Nice weather for a bike ride on the San Antonio Mission Trail. Video for the project was captured with a Sony HDR-AS15 recorded at 1080P 30FPS. I picked this …775


BMX and Mountain Bike Trails around Oman's Dramatic Landscape

Check out more BMX and Mountain biking here: [removed] Two world champion bike riders from two different disciplines travel for a week across …172


Triathlon Tips: Bike to Run Transition — Marc and Helen Jenkins Tips Series

GE Capital Ambassadors Helen and Marc Jenkins take you through their top tips for competing in a Triathlon. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these …114


How Triathletes Can Clean a Bike In Five Minutes

Triathletes are notorious for dirty bikes, don’t be like that with this five minute bike cleaning routine. Triathlon Taren starts the day with a long run, then shows …504


Reasons Triathletes Should Bike Commute to Work

Triathletes should bike commute to work because it’ll incredibly improve their triathlon cycling and running ability. After completing a long triathlon swimming …539

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