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Reasons Triathletes Should Bike Commute to Work

Triathletes should bike commute to work because it’ll incredibly improve their triathlon cycling and running ability. After completing a long triathlon swimming …539


Highlights |Cycling Women |Rio 2016 |SABC

Here are all the highlights from Day 5 Women’s cycling time trial Visit our website [removed] Like us on Facebook …669


The world`s fastest TT bike

Taking you through my ultimate time trialling setup.538


Bear Chases Mountain Bikers

Chilling video of a pair of mountain bikers riding the trails when a bear decides to join the party. Maybe he wanted a quick meal ?52


I FLEW OFF!! **Dirt Bike Fail**

Smile More Store: [removed] Yesterday’s Vlog – [removed] Today Kane and I attempted to ride for the first time with no help or …1470


How to Ride Steep Switchbacks!!! | Mountain Bike Turning Skills

In this tutorial, we learn how to ride steep switchbacks on mountain bike trails. Steep MTB Switchbacks trails are scary 180 turns, located on steep mountains.232


Cycling South America (1080p HD)

A quick recap of my 13000 km bicycle ride across the entire length of South America from January 2016 to March 2017. Start: Ushuaia, Argentina (54°S latitude) …276


MTB Surprise – Drew Fans Rejoice!

As it turns out, we get to see Drew surprise a local with a new MTB after all. Enjoy! Here’s Drew’s Video: …211


Chris Boardman compares cycling in Holland and Britain

What can we in Britain learn from the Dutch attitude to urban cycling.292


Cycling with babies and toddlers in The Netherlands

The Dutch cycle for transport and they take their children along. More information in the blog post: [removed] Music: Carefree …206

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