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Tag archives for Mountains

Hardtail Vs. Full Suspension Mountain Bike – What is Faster?

Pro cross country racers are often seen switching from hardtail to full suspension race bikes depending on the track. We test out the new Scott Scale and Spark …414


The Daredevils Who Invented Mountain Biking

Today’s hipsters and their fixie bikes are not the first to embody the too-cool-for-school persona of the cyclist. In the 1970’s, counter-culture types in the …244


How to Climb Better on a Mountain Bike in 90 Seconds

Learn how to climb on a mountain bike steeper than you ever have before with the Chest and Nose advanced mountain bike climbing technique. Find more …90


How to Jump a mountain bike beginner tutorial | Skills With Phil

In this MTB tutorial, we learn how to jump a mountain bike. Jumping is a combination of two Mountain bike skills: pumping and bunny hops. Let’s learn how to …315


Top 5 – Mountain Bike Accessories

Here are a few mountain biking items that caught our eye in 2014.200


Nepal Mountain Bike – This is Mustang

Nepal’s Mustang is often compared to the fabled Himalayan valley of Shangri-La. Cut off from the rest of the world on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, Mustang is …200


Mountain bike trials for beginners

Next video [removed] In the following videos, we’ll be learning some techniques that fall …114


Road or Mountain Bike? – Which Bicycle to Buy First

Should your first bike be a road, mountain or hybrid bike? In this video I share the advantages of each to help you decide which bike to purchase.318


Marin Bicycle Museum and Mountain Bike Pioneer Joe Breeze (MC Episode 4 )

The Mobile Cyclist visited the awesome Marin Museum of Bicycling in Fairfax California! Joe Breeze, mountain bike pioneer and member of the International …594


Top 10 Mountain Bike Innovations

Here are the ten innovations that have made the greatest difference to how we ride. What’s your top MTB innovation? Comment below and let us know!236