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Tag archives for Repair

Derailleur repair for beginners

Replacing a broken derailleur can be an intimidating project, but it’s really not that difficult. Here’s a basic overview for first timers. First, assess the damage.267


How to repair a cut bicycle tire

Easy method of repairing a cut bicycle tire using plastic food packaging and super fast setting glue gel. A very good fix so that you can continue your ride home.124


Prototype Dynaplug® Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair

Check out our new video!* [removed] If you happen if you happen to pick up a screw, staple, roofing nail etc. in your tubeless bicycle tire, …95


Bicycle Frame Repair

Bottom Bracket Frame Repair. This video is to show you that in some cases you can fix the frame instead of discarding it.896


How to Take Apart and Repair Pedals on a Bicycle (Part 1)

I made this video tutorial because there didn’t seem to be any videos on YouTube showing how to actually disassemble a pedal. I think this is an important skill …634


Bicycle Maintenance & Repairs : How to Fix a Poorly Shifting Bicycle

When fixing a poorly shift bicycle, first check the gears or add cable tension by turning the barrel adjuster clockwise. Repair a poorly shifting bike with tips from a …169


My Sahoo Bicycle Repair Kit

I show you my new bike repair kit and tell you what I like and don’t like.575


How to Repair a Broken Bicycle Spoke

This is a quick tutorial on changing a broken spoke on a bicycle. This is my first repair-style video. I intend to make a series of repair videos as repairs on my …592


Bicycle Saddle Repair

Bicycle Saddle Repair. Part of the series: Bike Maintenance. Repairing a bicycle saddle is a lost art and usually with newer saddles its recommended that they …59


How To Repair A Bicycle Chain – GCN's Roadside Maintenance Series

Repair a broken bicycle chain on the roadside with GCN’s latest cycling How To. Follow GCN on YouTube: [removed] If your chain breaks when …169