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Tag archives for Triathlon

Triathlon Tips: Bike to Run Transition — Marc and Helen Jenkins Tips Series

GE Capital Ambassadors Helen and Marc Jenkins take you through their top tips for competing in a Triathlon. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these …114


How Triathletes Can Clean a Bike In Five Minutes

Triathletes are notorious for dirty bikes, don’t be like that with this five minute bike cleaning routine. Triathlon Taren starts the day with a long run, then shows …504


Reasons Triathletes Should Bike Commute to Work

Triathletes should bike commute to work because it’ll incredibly improve their triathlon cycling and running ability. After completing a long triathlon swimming …539


How To Wrap Triathlon Bike Aerobars & Basebar Handles

How to tape wrap the aerobars/basebar of a tri bike. **If the video was useful or interesting please give it a "thumbs up" and consider subscribing. -Website: …514


Triathlon Tips #4 – Where to carry hydration / water bottles on the bike

Where to carry your water bottles during an Ironman or any long distance triathlon, has a big impact on your aerodynamics. Based on research, here are the top …182


70.3 Climbing Road Bike for Triathlon

Graeme Street from [removed] offers his modifications to his Cervelo S3 for a very hilly and undulating 70.3 REV3 Quassy Bike course.865


Nick Diaz on competing in triathlon, losing $10k bike, Ironman & race season

New interview with Nick Diaz. Nick Diaz talks about competing in triathlons, training, season, races, stamina, Full Podcast: [removed] …245


Mastering the art of mounting your bike in triathlon

Coach Sarah takes you through the key steps to mastering the art of the ‘flying mount’. All triathletes need to master this skill for smooth, sleek transitions.325


Why Every Triathlete Needs a Road Bike

Here’s why every triathlete needs a road bike not just for triathlons but for good bike training. Beyond just the fact that triathletes want more bikes, triathletes need …276


Rodbike frame conversion in to Triathlon Bike Part 1

Part one of how I did my Road to Tri conversion.778